The Tomboy Diaries

SecondLife Fashion blog for those ladies who's more like a tomboy!


The Tomboy Diaries was started by Lamia Huntress – author of Miss L Fashion (now closed). After a while I lost myself and made pictures how I thought designers wanted to see and forgot to make the pictures how I wanted them. Miss L Fashion also started as a fashion blog with tomboy-ish fashion but that got lost quickly too soon as more designers came in that I started blogging for.

I love my Miss L Fashion blog so much but I felt a little  trapped in it. So I came up with The tomboy Diaries. Where all looks will be not sponsored, maybe some due to other blog, but other than that the looks will be 100% how I normally look in SecondLife on a everyday basis – like a tomboy. The Tomboy Diaries is a place for me to show it off and play around how I like.

Please give a follow if you enjoy my looks and follow me on The Tomboy Diaries flickr page as well 🙂


See you around ❤

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